VFS Asset Allocation Tool

The VFS Asset Allocation Tool allows you to ‘what if’ your asset allocation and set targets across may asset classes.  This tool also incorporates asset class moment factors, which provides an additional weighting factor based on asset class momentum.  For more information on these asset class momentum indicators, click here.

Market Technical Overview

The Market Technical Overview provides weighting predictions for asset classes and market sectors of future performance.  Using a variety of technical models, this attempts to determine which classes will outperform in the next month.

Security Correlation Tool

This tool provides security correlations to various asset classes and market sectors.   Using up to nine years of pricing history, this does an analysis based on monthly correlations.

VFS Portfolio Scratchpad

The VFS Portfolio Scratchpad is a portfolio management tool that allows for security valuation comparison and security notes. Built as a WordPress plug-in, it can be integrated into any existing wordpress website, or used on the Vertical Financial Systems site with a valid account.


pugetinvestor Puget Investor is a web application developed by Vertical Financial Systems to track stock price movement and attempt to identify undervalue securities. This application was originally developed in the mid 1990’s for internal use.  Today the mathematical model that drives Puget Investor is constantly being revised, and is our platform for prototyping various technologies. Puget Investor has been adapted to support multiple portfolio managers.