Microsoft Access Support

Vertical Financial Systems has supported many business applications since the mid 1990’s. Microsoft Access was, and still is, a great platform for economically building workgroup applications.

Doing What It Takes To Keep Your Application Running

Vertical Financial Systems focus is on keeping these applications running for the organization.   For most databases, we can quickly get an understanding of how it works, and  do what it takes to keep the application running as efficiently as possible to meet the organizational goals. We recognize that most Access applications were written to solve an immediate business problem, and have likely been solving that problem for years.  Often, the application just needs minor changes to keep up with the organization, and there is little interest in investing a lot of time and money into the application.  In many cases, the original author of the application is no longer with the organization, so the internals of the application may be a mystery.

Considering Upgrading?

If the organization has determined that the Access application needs to be migrated to a new platform,  Vertical Financial Systems can provide guidance and cost estimates of what it would involve. Many Access applications have grown in size or scope since initial design, and it may be time to consider upgrading to a more robust architecture. Applications developed in C Sharp or VB.Net backed by Microsoft SQL Server or MySql databases are the common next step should upgrading be desired. This provides for more reliable data storage as well as browser based applications that can easily be deployed and secured at the server level.

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