Vertical Financial Systems provide software integration, custom development, and maintenance services for business applications.

Our focus is on value, working to provide the most cost effective software solution to business problems.
Vertical Financial Systems understands that businesses  do not want to spend a lot of resources on software.  Often existing applications can be saved and be modified to meet current business demands.  We can help with deciding on whether or not to enhance existing applications or search for alternatives.


Microsoft Access Support

Vertical Financial Systems has supported many business applications since the mid 1990’s. Microsoft Access was, and still is, a great platform for economically building prototypes and workgroup applications.

As more modern architectures have emerged, development of new Microsoft Access applications has dropped off dramatically. Applications developed in C Sharp or VB.Net backed by Microsoft SQL Server or MySql databases are the current recommended architecture. This provides for more reliable data storage as well as browser based applications that can easily be deployed and secured at the server level.

Consulting Services


Whatever the size or scope of your project, we can help your company with:
  • Integrating existing systems with the Internet
  • As needed programming support
  • Interim staffing support
  • Packaged software integration


Web Applications

We have developed many database driven vertical applications to help businesses take advantage of worldwide presence. We can host your web applications or deploy applications to third party web hosting providers for very little cost.

Today’s web applications provide easy access to mapping and charting technologies.
Custom web applications can be developed to provide employees, customers, or vendors worldwide access to business processes and corporate reporting.

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