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Vertical Financial Systems can help ensure your software applications stay in step with your business goals. As business goals, products and rules change, it can be challenging to keep your application current and maintainable. Vertical Financial Systems can help you maintain your applications with the understanding that no business wants to spend large sums of money refactoring applications.

Extend Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Companies, especially those with affiliate or regional offices, should consider integrating the web into their business operations. We have developed web database applications specifically targeted for regional offices, salespersons, and vendors to maintain instant communication of corporate information.   Online storefronts and payment systems can quickly be set up to add to existing revenue channels.

Microsoft Access Database Migration

With over 20 years experience maintaining Microsoft Access applications, we can provide support for your existing database, or work to migrate the application to the platform of your choice.  We have a number of different options, depending on your budget and need.  More Information…

On Demand / On Call / Interim Staffing Software Support

All computer applications continue to evolve as business rules and processes evolve. We can provide support on an as-needed basis to modify your software as the business requires it. Purchasing Packaged software is an economical way to acquire software. Often packages don’t meet all the needs of the business, or package to package data transfer tasks are manual.We can help automate data transfer tasks, and build small satellite software components to help adapt your packaged software to your business.  Staff turnover can cause delays in projects as it often takes several weeks to fill a key position. Vertical Financial Systems can temporarily staff key positions, and maintain and support your software until a permanent replacement becomes available.

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