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For over 20 years Vertical Financial Systems has been developing business software on a multitude of platforms and technologies.  Our current development platforms include (but are not limited to):

Microsoft.NET is one of the most popular software framework used to
build business software applications.  Applications written in either C Sharp or VB.Net can be quickly deployed in either a web application or desktop application.  Microsoft .Net has a full web API set of libraries making it well suited for next generation web applications.
sqlserverSQL Server is a very powerful relational database system well suited for small business applications.  Due to its ability to easily scale as applications grow,  Most small business applications can be written targeting the express version of SQL Server, which has no licensing fee.  SQL Server has robust data backup and integrity features that make it a great foundation for business applications.
wordpresslogoWordPress is our preferred choice for managing website content.  Wordpress can be integrated with .net applications to provide quick development and the ability for non-technical users to manage content.
OfficelogoMicrosoft Office is a great environment to prototype applications.  Microsoft Access and  Microsoft Excel can be used to quickly set up data capture forms to identify the data needed by applications and initial report generation.  Pilot applications or requirements definition projects can use Office to prior to going to the next steps of building a full line of business application.  We have over 20 years experience supporting Microsoft Access applications – click here for more information.
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